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Jackie... As a DJ

Jackie McCloy, began working as a full time DJ back in 1972 after graduating from college, with a B.S. in Biology. Although most of his classmates went into the medical profession, Jackie was drawn to the nightclub scene. While almost all of the clubs back then featured live bands, Jackie convinced the owners of a large venue to hire him during band breaks.  In just a few weeks, they offered him the job of playing the whole night. Jackie soon began working at many of the bigger and more popular venues, one was out on Fire Island, where Steve Rubel, (future owner of Studio 54) would ask Jackie every week, to come a see his facility in Manhattan which he planned to convert into a nightspot. To make a long story short, Steve wanted Jackie to be his first DJ, but Jackie was already working clubs bigger than the first club that Steve proposed, so he passed on the opportunity, but they remained friends and Jackie introduced Steve to some of the first DJs to eventually work for him. As Record Pool Director, Jackie established an impressive network of DJs performing at iconic nightclubs from Manhattan, to Fire Island and The Hamptons.

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